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Why Your Business Should Be In Maps

Google My Business is Google’s new, user friendly tool to aid small business owners in getting some “Google Love” in their
search engine rankings.

By making use of the Google My Business information, it is possible to increase business’ online presence e, by providing valuable information to customers and interacting with fans of the business, and all from the convenience of a hand held device, most notably, the cell phone.

Is Your Business On The First Page Of Google

When a prospective customer searches for a business, it’s also more useful if a map of the business location popped up for them
to view, followed by the business hours and all of the customer reviews.

With a verified Google My Business listing, those are just a few of the things that can be accomplished by being listed with GMB
(Google My Business).

The Advantages Being Listed In GMB

According to Google, at least 50% of cell phone users searching for local businesses will visit that business within a day of their
search and of those, 18% will actually make a purchase.

Doesn’t this sound like something that can be a great addition to your business and something that your business should be a part
of? You bet it does, and GMB has even more to offer.

Here’s 10 Important Advantages To A Verified GMB Business Listing:

  • Firstly, it is completely free. As in – NO CHARGE.
  • It is the ultimate Business Directory online and includes all the
    pertinent business information that is instantly and easily
    accessible to your current and/or potential customers.
  • All of the information in your verified listing is clickable.
    Customers may click your phone number to call you direct
    from their mobile phones, or tap your domain name and be
    redirected to your website.
  • All of the information is properly displayed on any device,
    including smartphones and tablets.
  • It’s available to both local and online businesses.
  • You can, and are encouraged to post photos and videos about
    your business or services directly to your listing page.
  • You have access to Google metrics that will show you how
    many people are looking for your business and finding your
  • Your listing also drives traffic to your website.
  • Customers can read and add their own reviews.
  • And you work from one centralized dashboard, with access to
    Google+, Insights, Reviews, Hangouts and Google Analytics
    plus any other tools Google has available.

Why GMB Is So Important to Local Businesses:

There are a great many options to aid you in promoting your business online whether through directories or any of the social media sites,

but it can be very challenging and confusing for small business owners who have limited resources and little, if any, knowledge or the “how to” to be able to choose the best way to allocate their time, money and efforts.

local maps optimization

In order to maximize your expenditures and efforts, it is vital that you weigh all the benefits of using various platforms against your specific business requirements, considering such criteria as “how many people can be reached?”

and “is your target audience aligned with the ideal customer you want to attract?” Regardless of your goals, the one most important platforms that a local business should not overlook is “Google My Business.”

Once known as Google Places, GMB offers a the best single location to list all of your business information, while displaying images and videos of the business…
>p>Plus, it also helps your local business to appear in search engine results, maps, and organic searches.

Why Google? Because it is where people will go to find you business!

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